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Your Reliable Partner For Plastic Cards & Printers New Zealand Wide

We’ve Got You Covered With Our 25+ Years Of Experience. We supply ID cards and printers, eco cards, NFC & RFID products, membership, loyalty and gift cards.

Custom RFID card printing New Zealand

Ecardz - Plastic Card Printing

Supplying quality plastic card printing Since 1998, Ecardz has been a trusted provider of ID card printers, custom plastic business cards, and radio frequency identification tags and tokens in New Zealand. Our customer base spans across schools, tertiary institutions, central and local government, DHBs, major corporates, clubs, restaurants, bars, and retail outlets throughout the country. In 2009, Ecardz won the contract to supply Cando Metro Student Identification Cards to Secondary School students in Canterbury. With our in-house software department, we can supply both generic and bespoke programs for loyalty cards, gift cards, ID cards, and prepayment systems. At Ecardz, we take pride in delivering quality plastic card solutions that cater to the unique needs of our customers.


Ecardz Products

Magnetic strip NFC and RFID cards from eCardz NZ

Cards & Printing

We offer custom printed ID cards, gift card printing and membership card printing to your design and specifications with functionality features available such as a photo, barcode, QR code, magnetic stripe, NFC or RFID ID chips.

Custom RFID and NFC cards for business, school and government ID from eCardz NZ

RFID & NFC Products

We print radio frequency id tags, cards and near field communication cards. NFC tags and cards provide a wide range of solutions from tracking to payment. NFC card technology is great for tracking keys, assets, equipment and much more.

DTC direct to card printers gift cards and business ID cards New Zealand

ID Card Printers

Ecardz is a proud distributor of Pointman ID card printers and Fargo ID printers. Both ranges are an affordable and reliable way to print plastic ID cards in New Zealand.

RFID cards and NFC New Zealand, compare cost with CardQuip

Plastic Card Accessories

We have a great range of accessories to use with and to protect your ID cards, such as OSH compliant lanyards, clear card protectors, keypulls, ID card holders and ID card clips.


Card Finishing

PVC cards provided by Ecardz are finished in gloss, satin or matte laminate with the printed design protected by a clear layer which gives the cards durability as well as an attractive finish. PVC cards can be overprinted with your cardholder details in a variety of colours and fonts. Photos and secure holographic overlay can also be added when a higher level of security is required. Additional options include 2750 Oe magnetic stripes (financial standard) and/or signature panels or writable areas as well as a variety of RFID chips. To interface with your POS or membership software, we can add barcodes, QR codes and security encoding of magnetic stripes or chips.  Cards can be personalised with numbers, names, titles, expiry dates etc.


Transaction Management Systems

Create innovative offers that attract new and repeat customers to your business. Keep your brand top of mind and top of wallet with attractively printed cards that reflect your branding and design.

Issue Gift cards as part of your product range. Gift cards help to attract new customers and a high percentage of gift card holders actually purchase over and above the value on their card.

Everyone loves a bargain! Issuing Discount cards through Authenticate™ gives you meaningful data tracking, to show the effectiveness of your Discount program.


Asset Management Software

MyTAG Key and Asset management will improve management of your portable assets, saving you time and money, and allowing you to demonstrate the professionalism of your processes and systems.

MyTAG technology uses secure Near Field Communication (NFC) tags with cloud based software, which allows companies to manage and monitor keys (or other portable assets) that are logged in and out of business premises. This simple to use system provides you with the whereabouts of every key you manage. The same system is also used for bicycles, heaters and any other portable items that need to be managed.



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